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Hide or Die PC Download

Hide or Die PC Download for windows. Hide or Die beta alpha version can be download here. Hide or Die will give players traumatize moments with darkness.

Hide or Die PC Download

Hide or Die PC Download

Hide or Die is an awfulness game that can be played by numerous individuals in a wide zone of ​​battle. In the game Hide or Die, the players will endure the savage night obscurity, they will play the idea of being murdered or slaughtered in a play territory of ​​1.2 km². Game Hide or Die begins in a fortification region where players actuate their gadgets to escape before haziness transforms them into appalling beasts. Murkiness changes players into unnerving figures prepared to chase down players who have not been contaminated with colossal power and make different players terrified. During the game, there will be three individuals who turned to progress toward becoming beast figures since the start of the game and afterward will increment in number from these awful beasts. Players who have not progressed toward becoming beasts must endure and have the option to escape from this horrible spot. The idea of the Hide or Die game is just about the players stowing away in the dugouts, changing their assets like weapons, ammo, etc routinely while assaulting beasts in the zone. They will adjust the hardware they get from shrouded places. They are required to be deft in running, covering up, and battling against their partners who have moved toward becoming beasts because of being tainted with the haziness of the night. The players who have not progressed toward becoming beasts must escape from the 3 dugouts that they can pass even though these 3 fortifications will be kept extremely tight by the beasts. This adrenaline-boosting game will compel players to take part in merciless homicide situations and end up with genuine fulfillment. This game has similarities with Bombergrounds Battle Royale

Hide or Die gives the reason for a quite fun repulsiveness game bolstered with a wide inclusion region and a dynamic playing style that isn’t dreary. Players will consistently feel an alternate vibe of dread each time they play this Hide or Die game.

The fundamental highlights of the game Hide or Die:

The wide territory of ​​play: Located in a tranquil and dim area with a region of ​​1.2km². It used to be a lovely and wonderful spot however everything changed when the obscurity of assault made it a spot that was squandered and very dreaded. The players will confront insane beasts that are prepared to prevent the players from making tracks in the opposite direction from this awful spot. The main survivors are players who can locate a protected concealing spot in the dugout. There are numerous remarkable regions, for example, flight zones, ceremonial spots, and so forth that have their very own extraordinary stories.

The fear that makes players terrified:

Game Hide or Die is based on a dreadful idea that makes players feel how horrible it is being pursued by a crowd of beasts and stowing away in obscurity to endure. Mental occasions, for example, cascades players will feel during the game. The collaboration between trackers and beasts is tense. One mix-up was made by the player, the player’s destiny was wrecked.

Dynamic Sandbox ongoing interaction:

In this game, players must probably adjust rapidly while gathering weapons, gear, ammo with the goal that they can, in any case, endure the quest for the beasts. How players play, endure the weight, and flee all relies upon the player’s state of mind. The players will feel covering up in a spot that is hard to figure, utilizing every single existing weapon that will, in the long run, become beasts to chase down different crowds, all players will feel.


During playing the Hide or Die game, players can hold onto other individual players in every zone they investigate. Now and then ammo and gear will be dropped from above in an open zone. Here the players will be compelled to take gear to endure or want to limit the danger of not being pursued by beasts who are planning to chase down any individual who targets hardware that has been dropped from the sky. Gear dropped is normally finished running from things to survival, phenomenal weapons, and even military battle hardware. Obviously, this is extremely dangerous to take.

To have the option to play the Hide or Die game, players must enlist in the Discord engineer bunch at that point enter the # key-giveaway channel. Snap the symbol under the information exchange catch. On the off chance that the giveaway closes, at that point go to channel # bot-directions and type> sub to be informed of the following one. The standard engineer gives free access to the Hide or Die game.

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