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How To Download Starstruck Hands Of Time For Free

How To Download Starstruck Hands Of Time For Free. Starstruck Hands of Time tells about the undertakings of a time traveler, a kid artist, and a goliath hand in a smaller than expected world that is so abnormal.

Starstruck Hands of Time is an Action-experience game with a sci-fi subject with a particular plan where a goliath’s hand moves back as expected for an element that crushed the world 1000 years prior. In Starstruck Hands of Time the player will investigate a universe of small lifelike models as two youthful guitarists and afterward help them to the frenzy around the city as a major hand of demolition.

In the game Starstruck Hands of Time, players will play a time traveler from the year 30XX who re-visitations of the past to research and strangely called The Mold who is attempting to decimate the world. The storyline is identified with two kids who play the guitar so the players will invest a ton of energy with these kids. You may also like Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

For the current adaptation of the game Starstruck Hands of Time takes about an hour to finish the game and there will be an unexpected development during the game. The principle interactivity is an activity section where the player will play music performed by a gathering of artists.

There are numerous activities in the game Starstruck Hands of Time, players can even control a portion of the charming characters in the city, obliterate the PC in the pilgrim machine, and can even turn into a monster hand and devastate the whole city. The player truly can’t think about what occurred straightaway.

Starstruck Hands of Time offers an unusual experience with an interesting expansion of humor and offers a dull storyline in it.

Starstruck Hands of Time game primary highlights:


Players can investigate the existence where Edwin and Dawn live. These two foes will decide the destiny of his planet. Players can play the guitar, going from rock and metal to instrumental and vocals. Start the experience of turning into a renowned artist with these two little children.


Get the lives of Edwin and Dawn in the possession of goliath rampaging people. The goliath’s hand is crushing urban communities, fathoming time traveler puzzles, and so on Players can open new roads, block, and change the world for the world to be spared.

Numerous Device Access

Starstruck Hands of Time can be played with a console, Xbox 360, PS4 regulator, and so forth

Various Levels

Players can pick a trouble level going from typical and ace.

Investigate the World

Players can pick the world and fathom different riddles and uncover the genuine truth.

Goliath Hand Control

Like the one above, other than having the option to play two performer young men, players can likewise control a too interesting goliath hand.

Least necessities to have the option to play the Starstruck Hands of Time game easily:

Needs in any event a 64-bit working framework and processor.

Working System: Windows 7, 64 digit

Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Quad-Core

Memory: 4GB RAM

Illustrations card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, 2 GB Memory

DirectX: Version 11

Capacity: At least 6 GB accessible

How To Download Starstruck Hands Of Time For Free is simple, get the download link below and start playing this game

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