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Free Copy of Minion Masters

Free Copy of Minion Masters for PC. Minion Masters is a world full of imaginative characters supported by exciting battles.

Free Copy of Minion Masters

Free Copy of Minion Masters

Free Copy of Minion Masters

Minion Masters is a dynamic and fast 2v2 strategy game. Rasaka the thrill of fighting between players in a world that moves so fast and requires a precise strategy. The Minion Masters game is easy to play but difficult to master. In the Minion Masters game players will get many characters with unique abilities and great troops ranging from demons, spells, and so on. You may also like Rogue Company

The main features of the game Minion Masters are:

Game Mode
1v1 – Players can choose this mode to test their ability against other players and be the best one.
2v2 – In this mode, the player can work together with others and conquer enemy teams together.
Mayhem – There is a crazy new system released every week.
Expedition – A challenging and rewarding journey.
Solo challenges – many adventures can be done alone by players to improve player skills.

Legendary Master
Players can learn how to work from the master characters that players choose and maximize the potential that they have both from upgrading weapons, items, or skills. Each Master has a different style of play and personality that allows being used as a reference in formulating strategies to win the battle. Only a persistent player can control the Master and become the winner.

Free Expansion!
The developers of the Minion Masters will continue to add new content and update the existing ecosystem/bug so that it does not interfere with the player’s comfort. There will always be new things that players can feel, starting from the place, weapons, ecosystems, enemies, characters, and so on. All updates regularly.

Character Modification
Besides all the features that have been mentioned are no less important there are features to modify the appearance of the character to better suit the charm that the player wants. Players can change the playing field to be more distinctive. Not only characters but the environment can also be a substitute player, ranging from making graves, mountains, hollows, and others.

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