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Escape The Ayuwoki Free Download

Escape The Ayuwoki Free Download game unblocked for PC. Escape the Ayuwoki is an escape game from the pursuit of ghosts that are very scary and make your heart beat fast.

Escape The Ayuwoki Free Download

Escape The Ayuwoki Free Download

Escape the Ayuwoki is a very scary FPS game that surprises every player who tries to play it. Located in an old house, players must escape from ghosts who have scary faces and are guaranteed to make players continue to be surprised while playing this game. You may also like Minion Masters

In the game Escape the Ayuwoki the player must look for a lost key that allows the player to escape from the old house. However, Ayuwoki will continue to follow and frighten players throughout the hall. The ghost’s face that follows the player is so scary and really always makes the heart pound as long as he follows the player.

Players will hear Ayuwoki with his unique voice “Hee-Hee” which means Ayuwoki will be present right before the player sees it but will move very quickly, so that when the player hears the voice the player must immediately quickly run and hide in a safe place. Players can hide behind tables, chairs and other household furniture but make sure to turn off the flashlight or the player will be captured by it. Because of Ayuwoki’s speed, it is very difficult to pass through aisles without being caught by him and causing frustration.

Escape the Ayuwoki is a horror game that is very scary so it is not recommended for those who are easily panicked and scared supported by a variety of great elements that make this game really high quality. Ayuwoki’s animations and character models are very strange and sometimes funny but still scary. Highly recommended for those who like the horror genre.

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