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Arcade Tycoon Download

Arcade Tycoon Download

Arcade Tycoon is a fantasy world management simulation game equipped with various pixel-themed features. Keep visitors happy by making them buy and subscribe to various entertainment machines and educational items. Remember, the way to determine how happy visitors are is how much money they spend while visiting the world of pixels that you make. Discover new games, technology and staff from this delightful pixel world. This game has similarities with Totally Reliable Delivery Service

The main features of the Tycoon Arcade game:

Content and Modifications
Entertain every guest who visits your place with various entertaining decorating buildings such as pinball, golf, hockey, billiards, VR, and much more. Create an area with a different and extraordinary theme by buying unique tourist attractions and decorating all aspects ranging from floors, walls, pictures, tools, benches, etc. that enhance the artistic value and distinctive features of your tour.
Wave of Massive Crime
In every crowded place there must be some criminals who are ready to carry out their actions, this is your job as an operational manager to oversee all criminal movements that try to destroy, steal, and people who intentionally don’t pay to enjoy your tourist facilities. Your choice can be to hire several mafia or use the latest technology. The decision is yours.

Employees and Guests
The visitors certainly are not all obedient to the rules, for example they will continue to litter, steal, defecate carelessly, damage property, seek access to food and drinks. Here you can hire kayrawan with salaries that depend on their skills. The most trusted staff are security personnel, chefs, technicians, janitors, who all collaborate to meet the visitor’s needs for the duration of your tour.

Difficulty level
You can set your own level of difficulty in managing your tour. Available from easy levels to very difficult and stressful players.

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