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Battle Grounds III Beta Download

Battle Grounds III Beta Download

Battle Grounds III Beta Download

Battle Grounds III Beta Download

Battle Grounds III is an FPS game that combines war designs with many players set in the age of the United States War of Independence. After 17 years airing Battle Grounds III now presents a distinctive multiplayer feature. In the Battle Grounds III game there are various kinds of combat equipment that have ever been typical such as grenades, rifles, bayonets, swords, tomahawks, etc. You may also like Totally Reliable Delivery Service 

The game mode in the Battle Grounds III game is similar to the FPS game in general, which controls the territory, takes over the flag, finishes off enemy fortresses, but with the addition of 18th century nuances, the atmosphere is quite different from other modern FPS games. The Battle Grounds III PC game has potential as good as the generation at first with a more updated FPS game type design.

Battle Grounds III commonly tells of citizen wars between British soldiers and tribal allies of the United States. The fight in this game can be in the form of long or close combat which is very brutal to see. You definitely need skills and expertise in formulating tactics and then being able to win the war.

Choose your soldier. On the English team, play as the Regular Infantry, Officer, Hessian Jäger, Iroquois Warrior, Light Infantry, or Grenadier. On the American team, he played as a Continental Soldier, Officer, Frontiersman, Militia, or French Grenadier.
Choose among 26 period weapons, as well as rifles, rifles, grenades, swords, and more; adjust your uniform.
Catch a goal, survive in a fort, or play a role in a line formation.
Play among 11 classic maps, recreated decades, and 8 new maps.
Play with up to 80 players simultaneously.
Fill in the battlefield with a smart new AI bot.

Battle Grounds III Beta Download

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